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Microsoft HoloLens

Macro Photography

Creative lead for X-box chip hero shots. Images were utilized specifically for keynotes and internal communication pieces. 

Inspired by futuristic, isometric design, I experimented with various color gels, lighting sources and textures to achieve a similar outcome. 

Social Media Recruiting Ads

Lead creative for HoloLens hardware engineer social media recruitment ads.


The intent was to showcase a diverse team of real hardware engineers in the optics organization collaborating and interacting via mixed-reality experiences on the HoloLens2 device. 

Azure Culture Newsletter 

Lead creative for monthly Azure Culture Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter. Worked with members of the contributor board to cover a diverse representation of groups within the greater Azure organization. 

Hardware Branding

Internal logo design for greater HoloLens organization. Inspired by recent MS software logo redesign. 

Dashboard UI

Lead designer for UI dashboard redesign for HoloLens nanofabrication center. 

Engineering V-Diagram Poster

Reinterpretation of the ever-intricate verification and validation structure of the V-diagram. 

Quantum Architecture

Optics Logo

Maintenance Dashboard v4 OPTION 1.jpg
V Diagram_300x.png
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